Updates from Cabo

It feels a little strange this time of year to be in a warm and sunny destination. If it weren't for the Christmas music in the hotel lobby, I would surely forget it was almost Christmas.

All is operating according to plan on my first program - thank God. I have been so anxious up until this point that in all of my planning efforts, something would have been forgotten. I'm sure (actually I know) my coworker will have some great stories to tell of my attendee arrival day anxiety. They really need a perscription for such thing. Obviously, I am making my fair share of "why didn't I think of sooner?" and "don't ever do again" notes and have learned several things while on site, such as "don't wear heels at a beach event" and "don't assume that your attendees will know how to pronounce their destination. Think Lace Caybos versus Los Cabos." But everything else has been A-OK.

I have felt my first "Event High" which also should be a perscription because it's that good and am excited for several more in the next few days. We have happy people and have even seen a few whales. We're in good shape.

I will be eager to get back on Thursday however. It's funny how much you miss the routine of home no matter how lovely your surroundings are...I suppose Chris has something to do with it too ;)


Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

So funny, I love it! Especially the "no heels at the beach" hehe. I learned real quickly it's function over fashion on-site, no matter how ugly the shoe!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it's going well! And I have to admit I'm a little jealous of the sunny weather you are surely having. Would you mind sending some to the east??