A boy and his bike

I just finished Kraft Macaroni and Cheese from the box and Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Fro Yo for dinner...Sometimes I like when Chris is away.

He spent the past 4 days in California for his friend, Rob's, bachelor party. These guys do it up right, I must say. For Chris's bachelor party they rented a house boat for several days and spent time out on Lake, (hmm, lake, lake ?? Can't think of it) fishing, swimming and camping.

For this bachelor gig they packed up their bikes and high tailed it to meet others in CA for what I am sure was Chris's dream weekend. They spent 4 days mountain biking, camping on the beach and, most likely, drinking their weight in beer in Santa Cruz, San Jose and San Fransisco. I am certain that this boy loves his bike as much as he loves me (and on my bad days, even more) - I mean just look at that smile.

And while I did love my no-guilt dinner, I will be glad to have him back in a few hours!

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Kate said...

While I count myself lucky to have a husband whose work doesn't require frequent travel, I too revel in the rare nights when I am solo again... alone with carbs and cheese (and wine)... Maybe its the Only Child in me but I LOVED living alone... those nights alone are lovely reminders (but of course I'm glad that they are temporary!).