Gettin' Cribby With It

again, just couldn't resist the title...
I am thrilled to say that we finally have a place to rest our sleeping princess - or as I prefer, a more realist approach - a place to lay our screaming child when we simply can't take it any longer. Not only do we have a crib that we love, but we have some pretty cute bedding to accompany.

Follow me down crib hunting lane for a moment. I really thought I made some headway when we decided that white was our color of choice about a month ago. From there, however, it seemed as though decisions only got harder. Choices have ranged from:


to... Vintage

to... Modern

to... ClassicOur final decision was based off of a combination of styles above (not too modern but funky in it's own way), size (not too big for our small nursery) and price (Brand new off of Craigslist from a couple who can't take with them to Hawaii - a steal!) We even drove almost 2 hours to pick it up last night.

Dick's crib from Bratt Decor. Why, yes! It would be appropriate to do a little jig for our crib right about now if that's what you're thinking.

Here is a peek at our Liberty of London bedding that I all but begged for from a woman on Ebay. She had the. only. set. on Ebay after it was sold out in Target stores. Finally, she gave in to my persistence and agreed to a 'Buy It Now' price; I snagged that puppy up with no shame (okay, maybe just a little shame for my sob story about not acting soon enough while it was availbale online).

I can't wait to get things all set up this weekend and to see it come together!


Russ and Kara said...

The crib is so great and the bedding is ADORABLE! Very well done. I had the utmost of faith in you and your taste, but it really is going to be a beautiful crib once it's all set up :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!! How cute and girly without being overly done. It's cool how we have very similar tastes!

I will be emailing you very soon to discuss our swap! I'm thinking June?