I have so been wanting to share pictures of our bedroom / nursery progress, but honestly have been too busy to get out our camera, let alone upload pictures!

Truth be told, while I love our Canon Rebel, there is something very nice about about having a simple (read: non threatening) point and shoot camera when you don't feel like navigating all that Canon has to offer. And, yes, I realize that there is a "point and shoot" feature on the camera, but A) I'll be damned if I don't try and utilize the prettiest settings for indoor shots and get my dollars worth out of the camera and B) Uploading pictures from the Rebel takes forever and a day because of the quality and size of the images. So, pictures will have to wait until I have some time.

In the meantime, we have company coming in to town today (Chris's friend from high school) who will be staying with us throughout the weekend. I am happy to make use of our new guestroom and guest bath. And, I have my first official baby shower tomorrow. My work is hosting a shower for myself and another girl who is expecting a little boy in June. I think that it's pretty amazing to work at a company who will go through the trouble of throwing a baby shower after hours - I am very thankful!

Work has been progressively busy the past few weeks, as I am managing registration and logistics for 3 programs right now that will operate before the beginning of July. Not to mention the abundance of luncheons, happy hour functions and hotel meetings that take place this time of year.

We are also counting down the days until we leave for our week long trip to Maine (45)! In case you forgot, we are staying at this lake house below. Can't wait!

And lastly, for fun, I wanted to share my favorite maternity purchase to date. At 27 weeks, this number continues to grow with me and makes me happy every time I put on. A bit pricey up front, but totally worth it. It really is the tunic that does it all - very versatile. Olian Gathered Front Maternity Top:

It's a shame I don't look a thing like this model, however. I mean, come on, is she even pregnant?!!?

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Anderson's said...

Hi Tiff! I love reading your posts. You crack me up. I can't wait to see pics of the nursery.