Memorial Day Weekend

This has to be one of the best weekends of the year, don't you think?

The start of long summer nights, backyard bbq's (or, for us, intruding on other's backyards seeing as we don't have one of our own) and patio weather for 3 solid months.

This summer is slightly different than most as I have a cloud of constant panic/excitement/anxiety hanging over my head with my due date fast approaching, my Mojitos will have to be replaced with Sparkling Water with Lime and I am seriously starting to feeling the effects of being 7 months pregnant with the realization that a bathing suit just won't be happening this summer. Nonetheless, I am pumped to get this new season started.

After thinking to myself that we should really pack up and go this weekend, I put a last minute call in to a hotel sales contact for a favorable rate and the opportunity to see a property that I have never been to. Success! We are ready to head to Santa Fe, New Mexico to the Eldorado Hotel and Spa. A short road trip, beautiful scenery, good food and hanging out with my favorite guy is exactly what I wanted to do this weekend (and a good excuse for some pre-baby R&R).

A few short hours and the weekend begins. Your plans?!

PS: Welcome back to the states, Mike! Chris's brother has been in Afghanistan for 7 months and we are so happy that he is home safe. What a great Memorial Day gift!


Trish said...

Hi Tiffany! Hope you are doing well! I am so excited that you two get to go away together this weekend, I've never been to Santa Fe, that sounds fabulous! Rest and take it easy pretty lady, and enjoy the long weekend! P.S. Welcome home to your brother in law! xox

Anonymous said...

How fun! I hope you guys had a great time!