Thank you Santa

...for bringing me this!

I'm still not so sure I was that good this year (according to this post and this post), but Chris sure did surprise me! I have been longing to take the quality pictures that I have seen on so many blogs and I am excited to have the tool to get the job done! The image and color quality are already so impressive. I'm afraid the tool bag I gave in exchange does not hold a flame to this beauty.

I will say that the "learning curve" is more than I am used to with my standby point and shoot cameras, but I am up for the challenge. I ordered a book off of Amazon to get me started, but any other pointers would be appreciated!! The manual that comes with the camera is a bit overwhelming for a first timer like myself...

New Years is just a day away and Chris's birthday follows the day after, so celebrating is not quite complete (I will be done. done. done. however once the 3rd roles around). Bring on Spring.


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