Baby and me updates

Clearly this blog has turned into baby central. I apologize. Really, I do.

I have become one of those people who can't think or talk about anything else. In fact, it's quite annoying. When I log on to post, I sit and ponder hard about something else to write about. Anything. And as usual, my thoughts are of little or no avail.

So bare with me. I am hoping that in a couple of weeks I will find my brain (and sarcastic commentary) yet again and will be back in action. Never mind the fact that I will have a newborn whom I plan to be smitten with. And a camera. Newborn + Camera = blog worthy posts for months. Oy vey.

Anyways, moving on. Baby has the hiccups as we speak. What a strange sensation! She has been getting them quite often and before I finally put two and two together (which takes some work these days), I honestly thought I may be feeling my own pulse in my stomach or stranger yet, her heartbeat. I panicked because for both situations the rhythm was much too slow. Now that I know what it is, I can sense that she gets the hiccups about twice a day and once during the night. Too funny.

She is also shifting around quite a bit. Kicking wouldn't be the correct term, because rather than small pokes, I can literally see her entire body roll over from time to time. At other times, it feels like she is rapidly bouncing around trying to get out. The best description I can give is to imagine a football like shape in your belly go side to side about 5 times very fast.

The doctor is convinced that her head is engaged in my pelvis and is ready to go for delivery. Other than that, there are no real signs that she will be here anytime soon (relatively speaking). In fact, the doctor I saw last week predicted 2-3 weeks and the doctor I saw this week predicted 3 weeks, which puts me right at my due date. So, who knows. From all I have heard, those predictions mean very little and baby makes her own schedule. In my mom's case, the doctor said it would be weeks and my sister came that night.

LM weighs about 6 pounds at the moment, so assuming she still has a couple of weeks, we are probably expecting a 7 - 7.5 lb. baby.

I have been feeling really good. Albeit a very painful bout with Carpel Tunnel a few weeks ago, I am feeling much better! Carpel Tunnel. Now there is a force not to be reckoned with. It was TRULY one of the most painful things I have ever experienced in my life. And it lasted for days! Sleeping was out the window, as it made the already horrible symptoms far worse. I could barely type. Could not write. Could not dry my hair. Could not use my fingers. I finally caved and got a cortisone shot (in the carpel tunnel tendon - ouch!) and was on the road to recovery within a day. I will forever have sympathy for those with Carpel Tunnel, Arthritis, etc. On the plus side? I was able to continuously practice my breathing and relaxation techniques for when I am in labor. I kid you not, it was that bad. I just hope that unlike caving for the cortisone shot, I can keep it together long enough to withstand the epidural.

Another odd thing as I near the end of pregnancy? Feeling full all of the time. I take a couple of bites of something and feel as though I can not possibly eat any more. I have lost 3 pounds in the past two weeks. Trust me, during any other time of my life I would be overly excited at my new talent! But seeing as how every book I read insists on giving the baby as many nutrients as possible the last few weeks, I am feeling very guilty. Chris sits and watches to make sure I finish my small meals and I have to take extra bites when he feels I have not gotten enough. Too funny - he has made it his job to ensure that the baby will be nice and plump.

Other than that, we are ready ( ??) to go. No, maybe not ready. We are set. Hmm...prepared? Oh hell, we are just willing to take the next step. Perhaps that says it best.

That's it for now.

Tonight, we have a wonderful baby shower to look forward to that my friend, Kara and her hubby Alex, are hosting. We are excited to spend time with some good friends before she arrives.

Cheers to a nice weekend!

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