LOVE is how we got here - A Giveaway!

To us, 'Here' is our little old house in the city with crumbling steps, a red front door, grass that just won't grow and closets no bigger than a shoe box.

The place that will forever be our "first home".

The place where our baby girl will take her first steps and say her first words.

The place that made two of us three.

The place where we became a family.

Where is 'Here' to you?

In honor of the little Miss making her big debut in just a few short weeks, I have decided to do a giveaway (my first!) of one of my favorite prints:

8x14, LOVE is how we got here print, created by Brooke at www.ohbrooke.com
*Frame NOT included

To enter, either e-mail me directly or leave a comment (with your e-mail) guessing the time and date of LM's delivery. Whoever guesses closest to the actual time and date will win!

Once we are settled, I will notify the winner and will ship the print directly to you.

Helpful Hint: My expected due date is Friday, August 13th.

I hope you will enter - Happy guessing!!!


Beth said...

Oh gosh I can't decide. For some reason the 10th is sticking in my head, so I'll go with that. August 10, 8:12pm.


Fun giveaway!

Colleen Pate said...

August 8, 2010
6:22 AM

This is a fun little game, I like it. I can't believe it is so close. So excited for you.


Rebecca said...

August 16th-Im guessing late just because no one else has :) Cant wait to hear, hope you are hanging in there!

Anderson's said...

Call me crazy but I am guessing august 3 at 713 am.

Anonymous said...

I almost feel guilty entering since you have sent me such nice things for over a year now :)

But I would like to guess August 12 at 10:55 am :)

So excited for you guys!

Lindsay said...

OK - I'm picking Aug 5th 3pm.


Anonymous said...

I actually love trying guess people's due dates. I think she will arrive on Thursday August 12 early in the am. Good luck to you both and your new baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Alright...I am rethinking my date.

I am going with August 6th

Love the giveaway idea!
Can't wait to see pics of LM!
Good luck on the last stretch! You can do it :)

Hildur said...

I feel like I need more details, or at least an updated picture of you to make a good guess! haha :)

August 7th


I'm really excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures of her either!

Leighdleblog said...

I'll take the 11th of August, 3:45pm. Two days early is not too shabby!