Finally, a distraction

I have been so wrapped up in baby mode these days, that I kind of desperately needed a distraction this weekend. And a distraction, I got.

Meet Winifred Francis Burns, better known as Miss Winnie. I am in love.

Cheese, crackers, chips, cherries and wine plus this adorable pooch made for great summer evening at jazz in the park last night.

My best friend, Emily, is the proud owner of this 12-week old fur ball and now I am just hoping that our baby can measure up to the standards. If I didn't know better, I would be getting myself one right this minute!

Miss Winnie is a short haired Wheaton Terrier (also hypo-allergenic) for those who are curious. I have never seen a pup get so much attention!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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Colleen Pate said...

Cute puppy. Logan's nursery is adorable. Can you come to Austin an help me decorate the new house.

Hope you are feeling well. Have fun, enjoy your husband and relax these last couple of weeks!