Nursery Rhymes

...or maybe just nursery for today. No rhymes.

Without further ado, miss logan marie's new room:

From the hallway - no door for paranoid mama's (Only half kidding. The door was off when we moved in and we just left it that way. We'll see what we think in a few weeks.)

Bratt Decor Crib - Craigslist
Jersey Knit Shag Rug - TJ Maxx Home Goods
Seagrass Laundry Basket - Target

Changing Table - Antique store. I took off the door for a more accessible "diaper station".

Shelves - Target
'R' is for rabbit - Gift from neighbor
Angel - Gift from mom
Owl - Hobby Lobby
Pacifier Storage - Mason Jar
Frame - Gift from shower
Bud Vase - Already had

Seagrass Storage Baskets - Target. Originally I had all Liberty of London storage bins and felt like I may be going overboard with the pattern, so I decided to tie in some natural elements. Bonus: I will be able to use these anywhere in the house when they need a new home.

Shoes, Bows and Hats, oh my! Check out the little Van's socks in the back from Auntie Emily...

Toys and books - Gifts
Liberty of London Storage Bin- Target

Kim Parker Canvas - TJ Maxx Home Goods (check it out - great baby section at reasonable prices!)

Magazine Rack - Target

More bows - Mason Jar
'K' for baby Kamp - Handmade by Amanda for my shower

Crib Bedding - Liberty of London for Target

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms - Handmade in 15 minutes and my favorite go-to decoration. Instructions HERE.

Little Lamb - Gift
Baby Doll - Mine! Notice the hair is all gone...

Armoir - Garage Sale find and my birthday gift from Chris. Sanded, painted and installed with closet racks

Clothes - I feel the need to toot my own here. Not ONE item is purchased brand new from a store. All are either consignment finds hand me downs or gifts. I love them all and have actually had so much fun coming across some fun baby clothes for next to nothing.

Some of my favorites

Going home outfit?

And alas, 36 weeks.

Not shown: Rocking chair and bassinet that will go in our room

I am always embarrassed that the exact same pictures show up on facebook as well, but a girl has got to kill two birds with one stone sometimes!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

I love it all and can't wait to see all those little adorable outfits in person. So sweet!

Russ and Kara said...

You did an amazing job! It looks so girly and perfect! I love how you fit two rows for clothes!

Rebecca said...

Your nursery looks adorable, hope you are still feeling great!

Anonymous said...

Just saying "hi" back! :) LOVE the nursery! It turned out beautifully!

Beth said...

Beautiful!! Just so you know she's going to puke and poop on all those adorable outfits. ;-) Just teasin' you. They're super cute!