Halloween 2010

It may not have been our craziest Halloween to date.  

We didn't dress up (although Chris did humor me and wore a pair of Werewolf hands to "trick" the little goblins).

We didn't drink ghostly cocktails or dine on devilish fare.

We didn't dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

We didn't attend any Halloween fiestas.

We were in bed by 8:30.

It's a wonder that we were able to have so much fun regardless this Halloween!

Surprisingly, dressing up an infant provides a plethora of entertainment as does figuring out our tactic to scare trick-or-treaters.  We only had about 15 of them, but let me tell you Chris and I made a pretty dorky scary team.  I perfected the "sweet" walk to the door while Chris jumped out from behind the corner at the last minute letting out a ferocious roar.  I was in hysterics each and every time.

The pictures alone make me excited for the holidays that are yet to come with this little one - crazy or not.

Hope you had a good one too!


Anonymous said...

I love her costume! I searched high and low for a crab/lobster costume for Noah, to match my sailor costume, and never found one. He ended up being a banana. Lol. I am glad someone got to be a lobster

leslie said...

She's just so pretty Tiffany - I love her. Nice work you two!

Russ and Kara said...

So glad you had a nice Halloween. It's also nice to hear that we weren't the only ones in bed by 8:30. As soon as we put Tyler down we turned out all the lights and hid :)