Quick Fix Patio

Just how quick you ask?  5 hours quick.  Plus the time to get the materials.  So, maybe 6 hours quick.  Okay, 7 when you are fighting the crazies on Halloween weekend who are out getting their costume together.

For one who likes instant gratification ("Awww, we have to actually measure?!") I was even impressed at how quickly this project came together.

All kudos should go to Chris.  I had little to no involvement besides the occasional, "Are you sure that's straight?  And, "I think you need more sand under that paver."  Oh, and moving that big heap of rocks to the back of the house...never should have volunteered myself. 

Without further ado, our weekend patio project:




It's no backyard and our "patio furniture" is hardly noteworthy, but hey, it works!

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Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Wow you two, what great work! Just in time for chili and beer!