Winter Love

On Tuesday, we had our first snow here in Denver.  I wasn't thrilled that Old Man Winter was settling in already, but I have to say I am excited about a few things that the season brings.

For example:

- We celebrated the first snow with Pho.  Yea, it rhymes.  That is, unless you pronounce it correctly (fuh) in which case I would need to say we celebrated the first 'snuh' with Pho - but then it just looks all wrong.  And if you have no idea what I am talking about, you must save yourself from reading the rest of this semi-boring post and go and get yourself some.  Right now.  You won't be disappointed!  Ahem, moving on...

- I am looking forward to the first (and only the first) sidewalk shovel when I can wear my new fake Sorrel boots from Target.  I am pretty proud that I purchased these when it was still 90 degrees in Denver.  These knock offs become hard to come by once snow hits!

- Egg Nog Lattes.  Preferably in pretty Red Starbucks cups, although my homemade (and half the calorie) version is quite nice too.

- Cutting down our Christmas Tree.  I love that we have started a "tradition".  Logan was just a wee one in my belly when we cut down our tree last year.  I doubt she remembers.  Okay, and she probably won't remember this year either, but I can pretend.

- Dressing up Logan in her snowsuits.  She may or may not have 3 of them.  Who's excited to see this little Snow Bunny?

- Making my Christmas shopping list.  I really love planning the list - executing is sometimes a different story.  Every year I say I am going to shop on-line, but then I get a late start and have to suffer through the malls and the crowds and lines regardless.  All is well in the end though when I get to...

- WRAP.  I love me some Christmas Gift wrapping.  Strange?!

Okay, I could go on and on - clearly most of my loves revolve around the holidays.  What do you love about Winter?

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Leighdleblog said...

It doesn't quite feel like winter here...60 degrees for the past couple of weeks...humid and rainy today even! But when winter finally gets here, I most enjoy running! While the first few minutes of outdoor winter running are not too fun, once you heat up, you become this anomaly of toasty, sweaty, warmth in a sea of cold, crisp dry air. I love it!