Talking Dirty

I can't resist the cheesy titles, forgive me.

Anyway, when it comes to doing laundry, I think I missed the boat somewhere.

Note: I can't seem to get anything more than a clear colored liquid stain out, my clothes almost always end up with pills, they are forever wrinkled when I take them out of the dryer (admittedly hours after it has stopped), my colors fade faster than I would like and my poor daughter is starting to look like one big spit up stain.  While I don't think we look quite as bad as the 'People of Walmart', I am in need of some laundry 101.

Help me!  What's your favorite...

Stain remover?
Laundry detergent?
Tip to keep clothes from pilling?
Method of keeping your colors from fading?
Under arm stain fighter?  I know, gross Chris.  Ahem.

Adding a new person into our abode means that I have somehow been doing laundry at least 3 - 4x a week.  If I am going to do something that often, I sure would like to be good at it!


Colleen Pate said...

1. Oxy Clean spray is the best for getting out tough stains. Spray on the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes then throw in the wash with the rest of the clothes.
2. I have found that Tide is the best detergent for keeping colors bright.
3. I try to only do laundry on designated days. Everyone knows that so I don't have someone complaining that they are out of underwear, etc. My laundry days are Thursday evening, Friday and sometimes Saturday. Not sure how much this will change when baby #2 arrives this fall.
4. I got nothing on arm pit stains. I have been trying to figure it out since Brad and I got married 5 years ago. Let me know if you find something that works.

Mazhari Clan said...

Oxy clean! I love to add oxy clean to the really dirty washes! I prefer the oxy clean gel but sometimes i have trouble finding this and end up buying regular oxy clean liquid. My step mother says BIZ is where its at, but i have never tried it... her clothing looks pretty fabulous.

I really like Gain. Gain smells amazing and the smell last forever! Plus its pretty good at getting things clean. I do like Tide as well, BUT i am allergic to it so i sadly can not use it. I also found that ALL works well too.

I dont think there is a way to fight armpit stains. you can spray and scrub all you want but it stays! you are just going to have to invest in new shirts, sadly :(

The Smaellies said...

Like the others gals, I also love oxy clean, it works wonders. I also buy Shout in bulk....I use it a lot!

I use gain because I love the smell, I think it cleans well and you can get it for a great price at Sams club.

You can keep you colors bright by washing is cold water and cool temp drying.

As far as i understand, the armpit staining comes from using antipersperant deoderant. So unless Chris is willing to change (which most men won't) you will just have to deal with the staining and buy new shirts.

I try to do all my laundry on one day. I keep a bunch of hangers by the dryer and when the load is done, immediately hang up the stuff that needs it and sort the rest and get it put away.

I like having the laundry done, but I really dont like being the one who does it all. Good luck with your quest!

Sara CorrĂȘa d'Almeida said...

Oh me me!! Arm pit stains....soak with lemon juice. Then scrub it a bit with your normal detergent and baking soda is a good little scrubber too. It has been known to work on many items...though regretfully not all. Namely stains that are so old they are turning brownish-green. (This sounds like I never buy clothes...which Chase bank can attest is not the case--er...);) Good Luck! (And I'm a big fan of putting baking soda in the wash as an added boost to my detergent--good for towels and softness)Lastly, since I live in NYC aka the hell on Earth of laundry-doing...I don't dry my wearable clothes for longer than 15 minutes on medium heat. Colors last a long time and I don't get pills. I do however have to hang dry them the rest of the way. The dryer-for-15-minutes-thing-keeps them from wrinkling and being crunchy :) ok...I'm done!