It's true what they say.  They really do grow up fast.  I can't believe that Logan will be 1 in August.  I think my mom says it best: "At times the days can feel like eternity, but the years will fly by".  Judging by year one, I am convinced.

So just what does 10 months and counting look like these days?

It looks like a lot of climbing stairs, but not knowing how to go down.

It's a lot of "cruising", not so much crawling and almost standing on her own.

It's knowing the difference between the Duck ("quack quack") and the Whale ("whoosh").  Don't laugh.  What other sound would you make for a whale?

It's LOVING bath time and doing all that I can from keeping her from diving in when I start the water.

It's singing along to 'Old McDonald' with the words "Eee-o, Eee-o, Eee-o".

It's understanding the word "no" and testing the waters every day with the cords under Dad's desk.

It's telling us 'No' in the fashion of shaking her head vigorously and repeating "Ney ne ne ne ne".

It's feeding herself and refusing the spoon.

It's adoring dogs and cooing when she gets to pet them.

It's having the energy of a fully charged battery from sun up to sun down.

It's having a built in comedy show 24-7.

It's being able to finally fit in our bike trailer (thanks Rob and Anne!)  And, yes, we do need a helmet.  We know.

It's sleeping. through. the. night.  Hallelujah!

It's taking too many photos on my phone and not using our amazing camera.  Shame on me...

It's true love.

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