A non-update, update

So...I've been busy.  I know, I know...who isn't busy, right?

But with the work (3 x per week) and the home (nights and weekends) and the working from home (2x per week with Logan - aka 2x per week in crazy-ville), I have been burning that illusive candle at both ends.

I also happen to have a husband who is training for a 500-mile, 7-day bike ride at the end of July.  Yes, you read that right: 500-miles!!  Impressive?  Yes.  Inspiring?  Yes.  Happy to have a husband with hobbies?  Yes.  Love the way that said hobby is making him look these days? Yes!  Totally annoyed at how much time training takes up?  Yesyesyesyes.

Anyhow, in all of my free time, blogging has just not been making it to the top of the list.  But alas, I am still here.  Trying to think of posts that aren't about...well, this.  No such luck.

Instead, I will leave you with a picture of  my favorite summertime activity: Jazz in the Park.  The jazz is good but the people watching is definitely where it's at.  This is just a small glimpse of the sea of people that take over our local park every Sunday evening...love it.

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Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Never done Jazz and I still want to. Putting it on the summer's "to-do" list, and I'm running out of weekends!