The Fair

Remember this post?  Remember my excitement?  I have had it marked on my calendar for weeks.

Well, let the lack of an exclamation point above do the job of sharing my review.

The pros: I did score this great fair poster for 50% off for showing up on the last day.

Ooh, and the soft and furry bunnies that Logan got to pet.  She loved them.

The cons:  Just about everything else.

Overpriced parking and admission, booths that were total schnoozers (outdoor rug pads anyone?) and vendors with no samples or freebies in sight gave my giddy high hopes a lesson in over excitement.

Maybe Denver should stick with what they do best.  Like everything.  Besides fairs apparently.

Luckily, the rest of my weekend was great.  Hope you had a good one too!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Did you at least see the Fancy Tiger booth? Lovely fabric had to of been the most exciting part of your day. Sorry it was a schnoozer :(

Kate said...

No corn dogs? :(