A few of my favorite things

- Coupons
- Chris walking through the door at the end of the day
- Letterpress
- Making dinner
- Eating dinner
- Eating breakfast
- Eating
- The fresh pages of a magazine - specifically Real Simple
- Cleaning out my car, or rather a clean car
- Logan's head on my shoulder when she sleeps
- Logan's baby snore
- Checking my personal email every morning
- Markets
- Baking
- Driving to the airport for a trip
- Starbucks non fat Eggnog Lattes
- Capri Blue Jar candles from Anthropologie
- Receiving packages and orders in the mail
- Wrapping gifts
- Sauvignon Blanc
- Over sized red wine glasses
- Being sarcastic
- Vacuuming and hearing the dirt & crumbs being sucked in.  Don't judge.
- Getting my hair done
- Painted nails
- Body scrubs
- Burning marshmallows on a campfire
- Laughing
- "Watching" college football
- Making lists
- Colored Sharpies
- Target
- Looking at houses
- The way Chris looks after a few days unshaven
- Listening to Chris play the guitar
- Champagne
- Sitting on patios
- Hotel pillows
- Live music

...yes, these are a few of my favorite things!

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Russ and Kara said...

What a great list! No wonder we have some fun times together!