Sew What?

Sew...  So...I must admit that I haven't actually sewn a thing since this post due to lack of time.  Oh, and lack of a machine I suppose.

Lucky for me however, we have become friends with a couple in our neighborhood who have a little boy Logan's age and Shannon happens to own a few machines herself (we won't go into how she makes all of her little one's clothes...ugh).  But, we will go into how she is generously lending me one of her machines so that I can do some projects and get the hang of it.  She even came over to set up my needle and bobbin and once more when I couldn't figure out how my threads got all twisted the other day.  It's like my own personal instructor two houses away!

Today I took on a few projects including an idea that I am toying around with with my SIL, Erin.  Back in October we spotted some C.U.T.E baby onesies and kids t-shirts with simple sewn on circles in different fabric.  I would have scooped up several for Logan, but the kicker?  They were $28 a piece!  "We can make that" we said.  And because apparently I like to get myself into projects, I quickly added "...and we should sell them."  I mean seriously, Tiffany.  Really?  Yes - why not?  I gave it a whirl today and while I did find out that sewing in a circle is actually pretty dang hard, I still think with some practice I might be able to get there.  That, or I will relinquish all of the labor to Erin who really can sew, haha.  

Hopefully you can get the gist of what I am going for here.  Please ignore the puckering, uneven seems and Logan's dirty old shirt.  Baby steps people.

I also worked on a few easy peasy Christmas gifts which inspired this next project: A pillow case!  It was basically my Christmas project (credit card / id case) blown up.  Honestly, it was 10x easier than the shirt.  Maybe I should pick a new thing to market, eh?!

Expect many more rectangle and square patterns to come.  I like easy.

Sew you soon!  OMG Help - I can't stop!


Stacey said...

Love this! Val and I got on a sewing kick and took a few classes at JoAnn Fabrics (pillow and purse). I, like you, am very talented with the straight-line sewing, but really falter with other shapes! :)

Kendicles said...

Love how your pillow turned out! i actually found your blog from another blog I read and discovered that you have a little girl named Logan...we are naming our future little girl Logan too :)