First Day on the Job

Remember this post?  Well today is my first official day as a "stay at home mom".

Chris and I made the decision several months ago that it would be best for me stay at home with Logan "full time".  I put this in quotes, because I am lucky enough to still have contract work a few hours a week from home and one day a week in the office.  I don't want to brag, but if you ask me it's pretty much the best of both worlds.  Don't you think?  It goes without saying that I truly love my boss.

We have been blessed this past year and half with my mom, mother in law and sister in law all pitching in to watch Logan during the week eliminating the need for day care.  As you can imagine however, this was not a long term solution and when we started looking at something more permanent (day care, early education center, etc.) it became clear with finances (and my desire to be at home with Lo) that staying at home would make the most sense.  

Yes, money will be a bit tighter (expect me to be a sale-hound) and I will miss my day to day interaction with my co-workers (whom I adore) and things like running a quick errand (going to the dry cleaners, the bank or the post office) during my lunch break without getting a little one in and out of the car will be hard to get used to, I am still thrilled with my new "position".  I am working on a title as we speak, hah.

So far the best part is that I am still in my pajamas writing this post, Logan is leisurely watching Elmo, we ate breakfast together this morning and there is nothing pressing that we HAVE to get out the door for.  It was tough this past year getting up earlier than we both wanted, getting us both ready (sanely), our millions of bags together, fed and out the door (calmly) by 7:30 each morning to spend an hour in the car to get Logan to families houses and me into work by 9:00 (my co-workers are laughing out loud right now, as they know I never made it in before 9:15, ha).  By the time I got there, I was already feeling like I had accomplished a race.

So, how are we going to fill our time?  Good question.  One that admittedly scares the you know what out me when I think about our weeks and months (and years?) ahead.  I know that there is plenty to keep us "busy" but I am also worried about being fulfilled.  It will be strange to give up a checklist of phone calls to make, clients to email, projects to cross off, etc.   I am worried about my patience running low each day, getting enough adult interaction (okay, make that some adult interaction) and settling into a routine that will keep us both happy.  Then again, I can't wait for all of the smiles and laughs and getting to watch Logan discover life.  It's such a fun age.

So other stay at home moms?  Any tips and tricks?  Advice?  Thoughts?  Give em' to me.    

Okay, gotta run.  My new "boss" is waving her hand and screaming "No, No, No" at the goldfish and milk I just handed her to keep her occupied.  Clearly she is not pleased with my work.  Yikes.  Wish me luck!!


leslie said...

Congrats!!! You will love, and want to pull your hair out, but LOVE. I too got a part-time gig (3 hours a week in an office and as much as I want from home), it is ideal! Just enough to keep you busy but not so much that you feel like you're full time working again. You'll get used to the errands with a buddy and the free cookie at the grocery store while you shop will be your savior:) Enjoy! PBS is amazing b/c you feel a little less guilty letting the TV watch your kids while you cleanup, cook or whatever. The library is a big hit with the girls too. Playdates. Set them up and try to keep it consistent, like every week or every other week. Have fun!

Beth said...

Congrats, Tiff! I would love to get together when I'm watching Cade. Maybe we can take them to Lil Monkey Bizness or go for a walk.

Amanda said...

So happy for you (and Lo)! Can't believe this day is finally here, it's been coming down the line for what feels ilke a long time now. Enjoy and I'm available any time for adult interaction :)

Jenn said...

Oh, how I wished we lived closer!!! I try to set-up a schedule for us weekly..filled with adequate number of playdates or things C and I can go, days for cleaning the house, "chores" etc, and days for running errands - grocery store, etc. I think this helps to stay organized and accomplished. Phone date soon!

Nova said...

Check with your local library, they might have story time. Mine does in my area. Barnes and Nible has story hour also. Sometimes Michaels has craft projects one a week for kids. Lunch at Chick-fil-a is always great, Family friendly, she plays and you can meet other SAHMs.
Enjoy! It is the hardest job you'll ever have, but the most rewarding

Kara said...

Congratulations!!! We will have to set up some more consistent play dates :) There are lots of free (or nearly free) things to do that are perfect for their age! So happy for you and Logan!