Spring 2012: LMK's Picks

Because her wardrobe is far more exciting than mine, sigh.

We are ready for a change in season around here.  How 'bout you?

From Left to Right: White Ruffle Cardigan from Baby Gap, Pink Ruffle Tee from Target, Basic White Tee from Old Navy, 'Life is but a Dream,' Tee from Old Navy, Floral Print Tee by Old Navy bought used from Couture Kids Consignment, Striped Tie-Dyed Tee from Old Navy, Polka Dot Tee by Janie and Jack, Pink Tissue Bow Long Sleeved Tee from Baby Gap.

Pink Down Vest from REI, Black and White Striped Sweater with Ruffle Detail from Target, Mini Boden Floral Sweater from Couture Kids Consignment, Navy Floral Pea Coat by Janie and Jack - Gift!

Rompers, Rompers, Rompers!  Red Striped Romper by Janie and Jack, Denim One-Shoulder Romper by Baby Gap, Denim Ruffled Romper by Janie and Jack, Turqoise 3-Button Romper by Janie and Jack.  All hand me downs from Logan's good friend Lily!!

Skinny Jeans by Baby Gap - Hand me down from Meg, Pink Skinny Jeans from Old Navy, Black Lace Trim Leggings from Old Navy
Purple Print Shift Dress by Baby Gap - Hand me down from Cousin Claire!, Pink The Dyed Dress from Nordstrom Rack, Guess Floral Print Dress from Couture Kids Consignment, Purple Tie-Dyed Dress and Tan Diamond Dress both by Tea from The Nest Boutique, Denver.

Purple & Pink Harringbone Tom's from Nordstrom, Pink Rose Ballet Flats from Nordstrom Rack, Pink Square Shades from Old Navy


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

She's so stinking adorable all of the time! I LOVE her little rompers though, and that pink vest is so CO. Love that my friends all have girls, makes shopping so much fun!

Suzanne Rivers said...

I am officially jealous of L's wardrobe.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Me too, Suzanne!