Diapers +1, Mom 0

It's true, I am stubborn.  So it killed me to throw in the towel with potty training after 6 miserable days for that fact and that fact alone.  I thought that "we" could do it.  I thought we would nail that stinkin' 3-day method and that Logan would be the star of the show.

I could write this whole post about our saga.  Our woes with potty training and the continuous mess I cleaned for 6 days.  I could also tell you that the last straw was when she pooped on the front porch while I was in the middle of hosing down her high chair from a previous accident - since when did we have a dog, I asked myself?!

Here are just some of the internal debates I had in those 6 days:

What will our family think?  I told them that we were sticking to it thankyouverymuch.

What will our neighbor think?  She encouraged us to start and her son has been potty trained since 15-months.

Will Logan think I am pushover?  Will she think she can get away with anything with a little persistence?  Starts with potty training and ends in co-ed sleepovers I tell ya....

Am I failing the method?  "Don't give up!" it warns.  Are they calling me out?

Am I being selfish?  I suppose I am the one who really wants to get on with my life.

It must be easy for other parents - what is wrong with me?  This was supposed to be easy along with all of the other major milestone moments I had in my head pre-child.

If I quit, I am quitter.  And people will remember that I'm a quitter.

If I stick with it, she will eventually learn, right?  Maybe we should just see it through.  Even it is Fall by the time we leave the house and my hair has fallen out.

I haven't been this frustrated since her sleepless nights as a baby.  Oh yea!  Those sleepless nights DO suck.  And so does this  We probably should be done with kids ;)

Chris is so patient with her.  Clearly he is the better parent.  I think I'll be mad at him for it.

Diapers are expensive and this will save us some cash.  Oh who am I kidding?  I shop at Target for goodness sakes.  I am sure that I will make up for the diaper costs ten-fold.  

At the end of the day, I had to get over myself and do what was best for Logan.  And yes, it took some pride swallowing, that's for sure. 

Hopefully it will be a shorter road with less hills and bumps next time, but for now, I will change diapers.  And I will be totally okay with it.  

I do, however, miss seeing this little behind.


Kendall said...

Pooping on the porch?! She'll love hearing that story when she's older. Hugs to you!

The Smaellies said...

Oh, I have had a child poop on the front porch, right as our guests were arriving that we haven't seen in 9 years! Yes, she also pooped in front of our neighbors and their 30 friends on easter Sunday! I also decided to throw in the towel and wait until she was more ready. My sanity is more important than those blasted diapers! I know where you are coming from and I feel your pain!!

leslie said...

Hang in there Tiffany! I will say daycare did 99% of the potty training work for me with Ryan. Now I'm toiling with it for Reese all by myself. The other day she told me she had to go 'stinky' and when I walked in the room, she literally handed me her 'stinky'.....