Maternity Mondays: 19 Weeks

The Highlights:

How Far Along: 19 weeks and 3 days.

Size of Baby: The size of a mango.

Total Weight Gain / Loss: I don't weigh myself in between doctor's visits, and at my last visit, I am still up +6 pounds.  Next visit is October 16th (next Tuesday!) in which we will also find out the sex.

What I am wearing: A good mix between maternity and regular tops and all maternity pants at this point.  In the photo below I am wearing Gap's Always Skinny Demi Panel black velvet pants and a size small top from Gap (regular).  I wish I would have gone with the medium however, as it's already quite tight.

Movement: Nothing yet and I would be lying if I wasn't a teensy bit freaked out at this point based on the fetal movement timeline of somewhere between 16-20 weeks and sometimes earlier for subsequent pregnancies.  I'm trying to hold out paranoia until our appointment next week; we'll see if I can resist a phone call.

Sleep: Okay.

What I miss: Not much this week.

Cravings: I would hardly call candy a craving, but I am allowing Grandma's candy dish to be fully stocked these days.

Symptoms: Just purchased...

And of course, my friend Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Best moment this week: Stumbling upon this little pretty at Horseshoe Market and welcoming it into our home.  It's one of those things I didn't realize we needed until it was up, haha.

*Bonus* LMK Happenings:  Thanks to my mother in law for the diagnosis, I think Logan might be cutting her two year molars giving her a heck of a runny nose, plenty of sleep disruption and a more cranky demeanor than her usual sweet self.  I am happy that this is something that should pass soon.

19 Week Photos: 

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Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

You are too cute! I miss you and cannot wait to hear BOY or GIRL on Tuesday!