3-Day Hair

I may or may not wash my hair every day.

Or....every other day.

That's right folks, I am an every 3-dayer hair washer.

Gross you say?  Let me explain.

My hair is kind of important to me.  I know it sounds ridiculously stupid.  But it's true.  It's the one thing that I haven't nit picked in some way or another over the years.  For the most part, it does what I tell it to.  It's thick.  It's straight.  It takes to color well.  Heck, it was the first thing that a boy said he liked about me.  When I have hated my reddish skin or my chubby arms or my 5'2 stature, my hair has been the silver lining.  I often get asked "How did you do that?" when it comes to my hair.  And I usually respond with something like, "I have no idea really."  Lie.  The truth is, it's just kind of....dirty.  And that, my friends, makes for the best hair.  Not only is there texture on the "off" days to do some sort of style, but on the days that I wash and style it, it's extra shiny and healthy.

I do swear by my arsenal of Aveda products as well as a cheap-o (Suave does the trick) dry shampoo for days two and three to soak up any excess oil.  And I promise that if I hit the gym (which is like, um...never these days), I make an exception to my 3-day rule.

To prove I am not rocking the dreadlocks, here is a snapshot of 3-Day hair and what I tend to do on each of them.

Day One: I wash and "blow out" my hair with a round brush and then try not to do a damn thing with it because that whole process takes a good hour.  If my bangs (which are pretty non-existent right now) are giving me trouble, I may pin them back with a bobby pin.

Day Two: Typically these are "half up" days.  I like to do something a little more interesting whether it be a braid or a twist or barrel curled.  I absolutely LOVE The Small Things Blog Hair Tutorials and encourage you to give them a try.  Kate can explain the tricks of the trade much better than I can and she has such cute ideas that I pinky swear are doable for a beginner!  Her site is usually my go-to source for Day Two hair.

Day Three: I'll admit that by day three, the entire shebang needs to be pulled back in some fashion.  But that doesn't have to mean some random knot of ponytail madness (which I am also totally guilty of). Again, TSTB has some great ideas but a simple headband will work too.  Try out cute-sy ones if you dare or stick with plain black if you prefer.  Or try a side french braid or a ballerina bun.  Trying out these types of styles are best saved for when your hair is least "slippery" as it will hold much better.

And if right about now you're thinking that I have entirely way too much time on my hands, you may be right which is why I'm going to try my hardest to not to let Chris see this post ;)

Here's to dirty great hair days ahead!  Logan is well on her way...

Happy Friday!

BTW, if anyone else have any favorite sources for DIY hair tutorials, send 'em my way - I'm always looking for new ideas!

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Kendall said...

Haha I love this! We could be hair twins..everything you described is how my hair is!