Sunflower Farms

I should clarify that I had this post drafted before snow was on the ground this morning and was just waiting to upload some pictures.  Today, it's not so fitting for the cold front in Denver right now...but what can you do?

Just like everyone else in the country it seems, Fall is hands down my favorite season.

It's kind of odd really.  One would think that the prelude to winter (my least favorite season) would not be so welcome and that Spring would take the cake for my season of choice.  Not true.  But it is a close second.

Perhaps its the color of the Fall leaves that gets me.  Or the crisper cooler (but not cold) weather.  Or the breweries serving up darker beers.  Or the tall brown boots that get to come out of the closet.  Or the scents of pumpkin and spice.  Or the shorter days making it perfectly okay to be in your pajamas at 7pm.  Or...perhaps it's the yearly visits to the farm that I am most obsessed with.  Yep.  I'm pretty sure that's it.

I'm afraid that Chris did not know about my Fall Farm obsession when he married me.  But like several other things that I got him roped in to (heheh), this is just another thing on the list that is mandatory every year.  Here are my Fall Farm requirements:

- There must be a pumpkin patch
- There must be a hayride
- There must be animals - Bonus points for getting to pet and feed them
- There must be cider
- There must be farm equipment
- There must NOT be too many cheeky games or "organized" activities making the whole experience kind of lame

Last year we stumbled upon Rock Creek Farms and it was fun.  It met all of my requirements.  And for Logan's first time at a pumpkin patch, it did the trick.  But it wasn't quite good enough to go back, so I really did my research this year.  We were going to go to Anderson Farm's with Amanda and friends, but unfortunately couldn't make their scheduled date.  And then my neighbor Shannon told me about Sunflower Farms.  I visited the website and to be honest wasn't thrilled by it.  Although she raved about it, it seemed kind of boring in comparison to all of the other farms I had seen and heard about.  Not to mention, they did not advertise a pumpkin patch - gasp!  But when Shannon invited the three of us to meet them there last Sunday, I felt as though we should go and if nothing else, I could get in a true "Fall Farm" another day.

All I can say is shame on me for "judging a book by it's cover".  This place is absolutely incredible and a little ones dream come true.  My favorite part about this farm is how it felt "authentic".  Chickens and peacocks and kittens roamed free.  There were a slew of animals to feed and pet and you could even "groom" the ponies.

There were pony rides and hayrides.  There were slides and tree houses and sand pits and picnic tables and farm equipment to explore to your hearts content.  It's a working farm with a gorgeous house on the property and I loved how we literally picnicked in the owners front lawn along with about 20 other families who plopped down to rest.  The owner even came out in her robe at one point to say "hello".  Authentic I tell you!

There were clotheslines with fresh laundry blowing in the breeze, flower gardens and a fire pit to roast marshmellows.  There were pumpkins that you could pick out of their garden as well as gourds and squash.  And although you wouldn't know it from the pictures, this place was PACKED!  But, with the amount of room to roam and explore, it didn't feel that way at all.

I'll admit, there was no cider (I think I'll recommend it just so that my list can be complete) and we didn't even have time to pick a pumpkin, but the entire experience was amazing.  We were there for almost three hours and could have stayed longer if Chris would have let me, er, I mean if Logan didn't have to nap.  It was well worth the hour and half drive and I am already dreaming of another trip back.

Thanks Sunflower Farms for the great day!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

You are funny, we were actually supposed to go to Rock Creek Farms Sunday. I guess it's a good thing it's no longer a go anyway... seeing as how it will be freezing! Where is Anderson?

Stacey said...

Anderson Farms is great and we love their corn maze...so much so that we've made it a yearly tradition to go! We're supposed to go this coming Sunday since it's pretty much the only Sunday I'm in town this month, but I don't know if the weather will keep us away.

And Amanda, Anderson Farms is just off I25 at Exit 235. I remember this because of the "Tree Farm" commercial..."You take I25 to Exit 235, then 5 miles west to the Tree Farm"...but it's only 2 miles (or so) west to Anderson Farms! :)

Kara said...

That does look like so much fun! I'm glad you got to go when the weather was beautiful.