The Makings of a Halloween Costume

When envisioning my life as a mom, there were three things that I knew I wanted to do if given the opportunity:

1) French Braid my little girl's hair.  (I suppose it's good that I have one, although ironic how I am now more fond of her short bob than growing it out at the moment, ha).  My mom was never able to French Braid and I remember the feeling of utter joy when other mom's would take the time to braid mine (thanks Mrs. Sauer!!)  I would leave them in for days!

2) Cut down our own Christmas tree.  Our little family of three typically went to the Christmas Tree lot until we got the dreaded "faux" one during my last years of high school.  Mom, if you're reading, I totally get it now.  The fake ones are the bomb digity.  No mess.  Perfectly fluffed.  And the chances of killing it are zero to none.  Although, it's still hard to part with the idea of making these memories:

Christmas Tree Cutting, 2010

3) Make my kids' Halloween costumes.  Because, why not?  What else would I have (or want) to do besides sit and look up patterns and sew each costume with perfect attention to detail?  Er....right.

Nevertheless, I decided to at least attempt a homemade costume this year before Logan actually had a say in what she wanted to be, thus making the entire project that much harder.  Read: I found the cutest, easiest, cheapest, no-sew costume that I could and didn't look back.

Thank you Martha Stewart, (whom I like to refer to as "The Original Pinterest") for your inspiration in assembling this cute little number.  Still don't have a costume for tomorrow?  Give this one a try.  I was able to finish it in under an hour in just a few easy steps.

What you will need:
Black Felt
White Felt
Fabric Glue
Approx. 400 cotton balls
White hat/beanie
White onesie
Black tights and black shirt to wear underneath

Step One:  Cut sleeves off of onesie

Step Two:  Adhere cotton balls to onesie and white hat in no particular order (or if you are OCD like myself...in a very particular fashion) with fabric glue.

Step Three: Cut two pieces of black felt and two slightly smaller pieces of white felt and glue them together.  I free handed the shape of an ear for these.

Step Four: Tuck ears into hat and secure with glue.

Step Five: Put costume on the cutest 2-year old you can find and ta-da!

You have yourself a bonafide sheep and a costume that you made yourself, putting a big fat check mark next to #3 on your "life as a mom" to-do list.  Happy to say I won't feel the same pressure next year.


Amanda said...

I have no words. This is the cutest thing EVER!

Kara said...

It turned out so cute!! Way to go!

melhuff said...

What a cutie! And I totally agree, Martha Stewart is the bees knees. Great job!