Who says boys clothes aren't as cute?

Similar to my motto with LMK's clothing: less is more.

By that I mean I prefer less words, less phrases, less characters, and less sports appliques please when it comes to my little mans threads.  Which turns out, is quite the challenge - but one that I am more than happy to accept.

I am loving the few things that I've found scouring the racks of my trusty consignment sources and putting these tiny outfits on hangers has me giddy about welcoming this baby boy.

And while I must admit that there is no cuter piece of clothing than a ruffly bloomer, I have found no other reasons to believe that boys clothes take second place to girls.

What are your favorite places / brands / websites for boys clothing?

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Kara said...

I have no doubt that your little man will be dressed as cute as can be. What great finds! Little boys clothes can be super adorable, but like you said, you do have to look a lot harder for them. Good luck and you are off to a great start!