The Sweetest Things

Recently, I have mentioned that Logan has been a lot of work these days and that we have been shoved right into the "challenge" of disciplining without much forewarning.  I will spare you all of the details, but let's just say one episode led to a marathon 2 hour time out process that resulted in her falling asleep on her mat because she refused to apologize for hitting me.  I am still not sure what was worse: her hitting me in the first place, her refusing to apologize to me or the fact that we had to miss out on brunch because we vowed to stick to our guns.  I think it was the latter...

Anyhow, along with these trying moments she has also been one of the most fun, hilarious and downright sweetest little girls in the past several weeks.  I guess the highs come with the lows and it's much less exhausting to focus on the good times.

Here are some of my favorite Logan-isms as of late:

The way she says, "No fanks (thanks) mom" when I ask her to do something that she doesn't want to do.  For example: ME "Logan, can you please go get your shoes on?"  LOGAN "No fanks mom."   Hey, at least she has manners.

Likewise, the way she says, "Okay mommy" when she decides she is willing.

The way that when I was sad and crying the other evening, how she noticed, "Mommy's sad" and proceeded to bring me a towel from the kitchen and told me to "wipe your face mommy".

Hearing her count.  It usually goes something like this, "one, two, four, six, seven, nine, eleven, three"...

Her love for stickers.  She will take an entire sheet and put them all over her clothes in ten seconds flat.  And perhaps more importantly, the fact that I resist the urge to peel them off and let her proudly display them all day.

Her "I can do it, mom" attitude while swatting my hand away.  This is a patience-tester for sure but it's fun to watch her try and succeed at doing almost everything herself from carrying her stool, to turning on and off the lights, to getting in and out of the car.  She is a determined little one for sure and if you don't let her do it she gets very offended.

The way she repeats what I say.  For example if I tell her "That's yucky Logan, don't touch" she will then say, "That's yucky mom.  Don't touch mom.  Yucky mom."  Too funny.

The way she screams for "Daaaaad!" when he walks through the door.  It's endearing to see how much she loves Chris.

She loves being tickled and will ask several times a day, "Tickle me, mom."

When I let out a sigh, she usually responds with "Mommy's tired."

The way she performs.  I am not kidding when I say that she loves to have an audience.  We were at gymnastics the other day and all of the other 30 kids were sitting nicely on their mats next to their parents.  When I explained that Logan had to stay on her mat instead of standing next to the instructor, she simply moved the mat to the middle of the circle to perform all of her moves.  Although I know she needs to follow the rules, it's so funny to watch her do these things.

Speaking of performing, she loves "story time" both at the library and at home and instead of sitting and listening to the stories, she usually prefers to dance while someone is reading.

Using the potty has become one of her favorite pastimes.  And by use, I mean get all the way undressed, turn out the lights and sit there for a good while talking, singing, counting...all the while not actually "using" it at all.  I bet you thought I would never break the wretched thing out again, but clearly we are taking a different approach this time, ha.

The way she talks to her "babies".  It really puts things into perspective when Logan mimics things I say and do to her dolls.  I love how she gets them all nestled in their beds and turns out the light to her room, shuts the doors and says, "Love you.  See you soon.  Sleep tight!" and then popping back in a few seconds later saying, "Good morning baby!"

Learning her ABC's.  She LOVES to hear the song over and over and over again but cuts you off about half way wanting you to get to the "...next time won't you sing with me" part.  And whenever she sees the alphabet whether in a book, on tv or even the computer keyboard, she breaks into song.

The way she points things out to me.  "Loooook Moooom!" is heard about a million times a day.

I know that these cute things will pass all too soon which makes me sad.  I've heard that it just keeps getting better, which is hard to imagine.

I will leave you with my best clip of Logan at story time and her rendition of "Old McDonald".  I try to get so many things on video, but when she knows I am filming, she generally stops the show.


leslie said...

Cute! Love this post. So fun to watch the personality come to life. And how is it that every other child at story time is the epitome of perfection and mine are the black sheep. What are these other moms doing that I clearly failed at:) I feel like Reese and Logan would get along very well.....too bad we aren't closer!

Beth said...

She is such a doll! The sticker thing made me laugh because when Mikaela was around Logan's age I made a late night run to the grocery store and the cashier looked at me and kind of smirked. I glanced down and my shirt was covered in stickers. I hadn't even remembered they were there.

The Smaellies said...

Love this post! I have one of these independent children also and it is a challenged for sure!