Happy Turkey Day!

So far, we are spending the morning similar to any other morning.

Logan is watching a show, I am checking email and Chris is "gone".  And by gone I mean sleeping off a nasty hangover after partaking in "Black Wednesday" last night and into this morning with a buddy from high school.  I can almost feel his headache...

We are still potty training and it's going...just okay.  Admittedly, the lack of progress is probably due to my slack-off approach this time around.  It's kind of like a tough college course.  On one hand you can study, stay in on the weekends, get a tutor and do your absolute best and shoot for that A or B.  Or, you  can attend class most of the time, try pretty hard, but still go out most nights and aim for a D or better.  Either way, you still pass the class (or need to take it again in my case).   Needless to say, I am taking the latter approach.

For example, today we have a long car ride plus two different Thanksgiving feasts and an overnight stay.  Given that L is still not potty trained, I feel as though I have little choice but to resort to a pull-up (the Cardinal Sin of the Three Day Method).  I am bringing her potty chair and plan to ask a million times a day if she has to go, but to be honest, I am not expecting much success today...c'est la vie.

Last night I prepped my two Turkey Day contributions for this year: Cauliflower Gratin and Chocolate & Croissant Bread Pudding.  Plus I am bringing over a pan of freezer-to-oven cinnamon rolls from the Duffey Roll Cafe for post Black-Friday shopping festivities (keep the judgement to a minimum, please).

Hope your day is full of yummy food, Macy's Day Parade-watching, family, friends, rest, relaxation and plenty to be thankful for.

And if none of the above, then lot's of wine...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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