Christmas Tidings

Before Christmas is officially replaced with New Years, I thought I would get some photo favorites up!

It was so much fun anticipating Santa's arrival with Logan.  A lot of people asked me if she "got it" this year.  To which my final answer remains the un-definitive....kind of.

By the time the big day arrived she knew that Santa was the jolly ol' fellow in the big red suit who liked cookies and milk and had Reindeer who helped him deliver gifts on his sleigh.  She knew the songs about him and sang them with glee.  She even willingly sat on the big guy's lap a couple of times.

But alas, she was only semi-excited when she saw her gifts waiting under the tree and didn't make a mad dash towards them but rather seemed excitedly...confused :)

Forgive my shrill voice - it happens all too naturally.  I was clearly the most excited about Santa!

Logan slowly started getting the hang of things and methodically opened the presents one at a time, taking a longish break between each one.  

She also remembered asking for a school bus and asked several times if the boxes contained one.  She was pretty cute when she finally received it, saying "Santa brought a school bus Moooooom!"  Unfortunately, I didn't capture any photos.

All in all, it was a peaceful morning with just the three of us enjoying the freshly fallen snow, warm hot chocolate and homemade cinnamon rolls.  Kids bring a whole new joy to Christmas morning that is so heartwarming, don't you think?

We spent the rest of the day at both sets of Grandparents houses which ended with a sleepover with her beloved cousins :)

This was not a Christmas gift, but yet her FAVORITE toy at Jojo's house - An oldie but a goodie.
Logan's favorite gifts thus far seems to be her Leapster, Crayola Art Easel from JoJo and Grandpa Barney and her Felt Doll Pillow from my sister, Michelle!  Check this cute gift out here.  The trampoline never made it out of the closet (too many gifts so we decided to wait until the baby is born!) and it's been a little too cold to test out the bike outside.  The only gift that wasn't a huge hit were the doll clothes - apparently she prefers to keep them in the nude, ha.

Hope you and yours had a day full of cheer!

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