Making a List and Checking it Twice

Although pooping in her big girl panties has landed her on the naughty list more times than I can count, Logan is has been decidedly nice this year.  If not downright sweet, affectionate and full of love for all those around her...

I am so looking forward to relishing in the joy of playing Mrs. Claus this year and can hardly wait for Logan to walk up the stairs on Christmas morning.  She has been anticipating "Santa Cwuas'" arrival for several days now and while she knows he brings "special treats", I think she'll be pleasantly surprised to know that presents await her rather than candy (her normal special treat).

We put a lot of thought into what to get Logan this year, as nothing pains me more than a bunch of plastic crap that gets thrown around and lost the day after Christmas.  Not to mention we still have control over her wish list because so far the things she has asked for include a Christmas Tree and gum...hmm.

I also factored into account that her baby brother will be appearing in just a few short weeks in which my time with her will be less than 100%.

Here are the things we have come up with and what Logan will be unwrapping Christmas morning, 2012:

1) Circo Doll Stroller from Target.  This time we will do a better job of explaining that this is not her stroller (nor the new baby's) and sitting on it will cause it to collapse...

 2) Circo Doll Clothes from Target.  Currently both of her baby dolls are stark naked.

3) Wooden School Bus and People by Melissa and Doug.  Logan has been fascinated with the one that stops in front of our house every morning.
 4) Pure Jump Kids' Trampoline.  This one is for mom's sanity around 5:00pm when Logan is bouncing off the walls.  Or couch.  Or stairs to our basement.
5) The Leapster Explorer.  I am selfishly hoping this will help babysit during the many hours feeding the wee one.  We are aiming high on this as the age recommendation is 4-8 years old.  I figured the more time she could use it, the better?!

6) Moon Sand.  Cleaner than play dough.  Good sensory activity.  Picked up brand new at a consignment store for $3.00.  Enough said.

7) The Strider Balance Bike.  Guess who's pick this was?  Chris has already mentioned a "trail" with sweet turns that he wants to take Logan on.

8)  And last but not least, these pretties by TOMS.  What can I say, the girl likes shoes?

Now, I just need a pack or two of Double Bubble and we will be all set :)  What are your favorite things on your kid's list?


In what manner does one give their reflection and condolences about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary?  A small paragraph at the end of a blog post hardly seems right, but I will do so regardless.

I ache for the parents and families whose sweet children were taken from them, that they will not be seeing the joy on their children's faces this holiday nor will they be sending them off to school in the new year.  I hurt each time I see one of the victim's innocent faces and likewise, shutter with both sadness and disgust each time I see the face of the shooter.  

Hearing stories unfold of the everyday teachers and students - turned hero's - is touching and a blessed reminder that through all of the evil, there is good.  It's a scary world we live in, there's no doubt.  And at times like these it's a world in which I am fearful to raise my family.  Unfortunately there have been to many tragic events to prove that "carefree" is no longer a term that our children will know.  And for that, I grieve.  I grieve for the parents, for the brothers and sisters, for the Grandparents, for the husbands and wives of all who were lost.   I also grieve for our country, where it's headed and what the future brings.  

The only thing I know how to do is cling tight to the ones I love and pray that their tomorrow's, as well as mine, are many rather than few.  I hope that all affected by this tragedy can find peace and strength at Christmastime and the months and years ahead.


Colleen Pate said...

Hudson loves his leapster and uses it all the time. I will admit that he has just gotten into it in the past year, so if it doesn't work for her now it will in a couple of years. Hudson also has a strider bike and he loves it. We have had it since age 2 and he is still using it. He is getting a real big guy bike this Christmas. Sounds like Miss L is a lucky little girl. You and I would have loved that cute doll stroller and clothes. Oh to be a kid again! Let me know how the trampoline works out, I may need to put that on Ella's list next year.

Jeff and Emily said...

Good buys, I love the sparkly toms!