L & W's Shared Room: Second Edition

It's LMK's time to shine!

Moving clockwise from the changing table / gallery wall, is Logan's "half" of the room.  Her crib is front and center and is the first thing you see when you walk through the door, or down the hallway for that matter.

Here is a good before shot and what the room looked like when we brought her home nearly 2 1/2 years ago:

And here's what it looks like now:

With just a few changes / additions, I love how it feels more like a little girl's space rather than a baby's space - despite the fact that she is still in a crib.  (A side note that warrants it's own post entirely, but doesn't change the fact that she has no interest into moving to a big girl bed in the slightest.)

Garland Multi Standard Sham by Dwell Studio.
Matchstick Blossom Fitted Crib Sheet by Dwell Studio.
As this picture shows, the color is more coral rather than pink which I love! 

I decided against a bumper and skirt for both Logan's bed and Baby's bed, and opted instead to use her original Liberty of London Quilt (which is currently died a nice hint of blue from my jeans - ugh!) as an accent because the colors tie together fairly well.

I love this little nook.  This has always been an awkward space in the room and it came together kind of by accident when the white shelving unit was sitting in the corner as a "place holder".  I had this shelving piece in storage because we never really had the space for it and I pulled it out to be a possible bookcase underneath the magazine rack (below) but it was too invasive in that location, so I moved it to the corner.  Once I started placing items on it, I liked how it looked and it ended up being an easy and FREE addition to the room - score!  The bookcase was purchased from Target back in college (!) and I repainted it white several years ago.  I'd say, it's served it's purpose and then some :)

As you may or may not know by now, handmade pom poms are one of my favorite go-to decor items.  They offer so much possibility and are nearly free to create (and if they don't turn out, are not a big deal to toss in the trash).  I like how these poms in different colors of pink and various sizes adds playfulness and height to this corner of the room.

The felt doll pillow and monogramed one-seater bean bag were gifts from my sister, Michelle, and have been adored by Logan!  And the piggy backpack was purchased from consignment and Logan can't wait to go to "school" with it.
This sweet birth-stats print was created by Kara's sister, Shawn.  I gave her an idea I had seen on Pinterest and she recreated it beautifully.  Thanks Shawn - I love it!!!
The paper covered bricks in the corner were a project inspired by Kate!  It's an easy way to create prettified bookends with quality wrapping paper.  I just need to figure out how to keep the corners down because so far, tape and glue aren't cutting it.
Logan's birth announcement because I just can't part with it yet.

These wooden bunting flags were purchased from Botanic Botanic via Etsy and shipped all the way from Poland!  Their whimsical-ness is what inspired me for Logan's bedding.  They can be personalized too, if you wish, and at $12 a strand were totally worth it to me.

The fabric 'L' was purchased locally from Elevated Scraps at a local market.

The coat rack was made with love by Chris for Logan's first Christmas :)

As we move to the right around the room, this is the wall that separates "his" from "hers".   I thought about several prints including those that actually said "His" and "Hers" but that just seemed too obvious, as well as other boy/girl tributes and possible silhouette photos (which may come in the future when we have a male subject to work from).  For now, however, I love these pink and teal trikes.  Not only are they playful, they are the perfect tribute to Chris :)  I purchased the downloads from Etsy and printed them myself which saved almost $20.

Finally, as you can see the bookshelf got a boy overhaul as well thanks to Kara!  Logan has been loving the new books and is currently sleeping with the 'Noisy Tractors' book, hah.

Right now, I don't have anything underneath the bookshelf in order to eliminate clutter, but am debating on whether to put the laundry basket back as it seems kind of bare looking at this picture.  Thoughts?!

Stay tuned for the next and last portion of the room reveal!!


Amanda said...

Love, love, love it so far! And seriously, I still want Lo's sheet for my own bed!

Kara said...

All of the details came together beautifully. I'm glad that Logan is liking the books too. I am a firm believer in blending the gender lines :)