Look at you. You have a baby...In a bar!

I love that quote from 'Sweet Home Alabama'.

And last night, I topped it.  Because I had a baby shower...in a bar.  I think the fact that it was technically a "sports grill" negates the bar factor...right?!

Anyhow, my co-workers threw us a subdued, yet super fun, get together last night in honor of Baby W (Any guesses on the name?  Those who know, no spoiler alerts!).  

Logan and Chris both attended and while Logan went dragging her feet and whining "...I don't want to go in (haha) baby brother's shower", I think she was plesantly surprised with the loot that she obtained for being a participant including: a personalized cup (which she went to bed with), a coloring book and markers and a Melissa and Doug wooden stacking toy (which is technically for the baby but we haven't broken the news to her yet).

Baby received some adorable clothes, awesome 3 Sprouts storage bins (thanks SR and SE), an Arm & Hammer diaper pail from Kara, Alex and their SWEET girls (we have gone 2 1/2 years without one if you can believe that) and a couple of other necessities.  Like blue baby hangers.  Which I most certainly got some flack for.  I was reminded once again of my Type-A(nal retentive) tendencies - I mean, Logan has pink, so naturally he should have blue.  I don't get what the big deal is!  :)

Lastly, we got a kick out of the identical gifts from the only two males in our department:

My favorite part is how they are in our company envelopes and both have an attempt at a "decorative" name.  But hey, kudos to them for even remembering!

We feel very loved and I am lucky for such great friends and co-workers.  As Chris said, "Man, that sure was nice shower for their one-day-a-week employee".

Yes it was.  Even though I'm still trying to figure out what he meant by that...


Amanda said...

So fun. I miss working in an office for occasions like this! Just having someone shoot out an e-mail and mailing in a check for a shower just isn't nearly as great as a bar shower, haha! Can't wait to see you at your Denver shower next weekend!

Colleen Pate said...

I guess Wilson or Wyatt for the name. I have no real reason.

Beth said...

How fun! I guess Winston.

Anderson's said...