Maternity Mondays: 36 Weeks

The Highlights:

How Far Along: 36 weeks and 3 days

Size of Baby: A Honeydew

Total Weight Gain / Loss:  +20.4 pounds.

What I am wearing: In the picture below, I am wearing a regular Gap sweatshirt and my Gap Demi Panel jeans.  What I would love to wear 24-7, however, is pajamas and yoga pants but I haven't caved....yet.

Movement: Still plenty of movement although I can tell that his space is getting tight in there.  I am feeling more jabbing and poking than normal and have plenty of uncomfortable moments throughout the day and sitting on the floor (which I do a lot with Logan's various activities and such) is no easy feat.

Sleep: Getting uncomfortable.  I am thisclose to kicking Chris out of our bed for the remaining weeks but for now, I am trying to make due with three pillows (two for elevation, one for under my stomach).

What I miss: All things considered, I am still feeling good and not missing too much.  Besides let's say, normal clothes, drinking wine, sleeping without a foot in my rib, being able to tie my shoes, being able to see my shoes, drinking wine, walking without a waddle, walking up a flight of stairs without losing my breath, fitting into my original bra size, drinking wine...you know, not much.

Cravings: I feel like I am eating more of everything these days but no specific cravings.

Symptoms: The usual symptoms that go along with being 36 weeks pregnant - but overall, nothing crazy.

Best moments this week: We had a great time at my work shower and had a relaxing weekend of more organizing and prepping for baby. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I have an inkling that my v-bac wishes will come true and baby will make his appearance later this month.  My official due date is March 1st and my c-section is scheduled for March 6th (a compromise between me and my doctor) if I have not had him by then.  And if I may be choosy, my ideal date would be sometime after the 19th, because a) I have a manicure and pedicure scheduled for the week before and b) I have become quite fond of the traits of a Pisces ;)

We also had a great time on Friday night, hanging out with Kara and Alex who were in town and several other friends and their kids.  It's always fun to be around others with wee ones, as we are still flying solo in the kid department with our "immediate" group of friends.  Getting together from 5-7 makes so much more sense than 8-10 these days!

*Bonus* LMK Happenings: I am happy, even elated, to announce that we have turned a very important corner with potty training - pooping in the potty.  If you have been keeping up at all with the PT saga, you know that this has been months in the making.  Literally.  We started with the 3-Day Method over Thanksgiving (after a failed attempt last summer).  This time we made slow progress but finally got the pee thing down (still with accidents every now and then).  But ever since that time, we have been dealing with #2 accident after #2 accident every single day in her big girl panties.  We were going through them like water and it almost made more sense to go back to diapers.  Until now, she had not ONCE pooped in the potty on her own besides a one-time marathon session in which Chris refused to let her get up until she had gone (which was traumatizing for all involved).  It has been maddening to say the least and I truly thought that she would never poop on the potty.  Like, ever.

And then...she did it.

One day (last Wednesday evening to be exact), she got it.  We caught her clenching those little butt cheeks and asked, as we always do, "Do you have to poop on the potty Logan?"  To which she replied, "Okay" rather than her usual, "I don't have to go!"  We thought that she was calling our bluff but to our surprise, we put her on and she finished on the potty.  I am serious.  That was it.  Ever since, she has been going on the potty willingly and has even mastered the public bathroom scenario.  Sure, she has had a couple of accidents, but in my mind we are on the fast track to being fully potty trained.  It's a small miracle and it really couldn't be better timing!

I think potty training has single handedly been the most frustrating (to say I loathe it, is an understatement) phase of parenting for me thus far so to have turned this corner is not only a milestone for Logan, but a milestone for me in my parenting career :)  Not to be able to celebrate with a glass of bubbly is a crying shame!

36 Week Photos:  


Kara said...

Hooray! Great job Logan (and mom and dad)!! I love reading your updates every week :)

leslie said...

Get out with the poop!!!!!!! So jealous - nice work! You've motivated me to yank the pull-ups!

Colleen Pate said...

Yay Logan! You look fantastic. I hope Baby W cooperates and is born under my sign! We are good people!