Fall Finds

By now you know that I love shopping consignment.  I also love me some alone time.  And this weekend I got a little bit of both :)

Chris took both kids to the zoo Saturday morning and I had 4 hours to myself!  It's amazing what I can squeeze in to four hours with no kiddos.  I got in a good workout, got the car detailed, dropped off clothes at the dry cleaners that have been in my car for a month, went to the grocery store and...did a little shopping to amp up my Fall wardrobe (complete with a latte in hand).  It's the little things I tell ya.

Plum Consignment is always one of my favorites and this weekend's finds were no exception:

Hooded striped jacket with zipper and button details by 'Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday' (likely from Anthropologie)

Red wool belted jacket with collar detail by 'CAbi'

Military inspired button down blouse with option for 3/4 sleeves by 'Martin and Osa'
Button down silk blouse with tiny coral polka dots by 'Sanctuary' (likely from Nordstrom) 

Striped 3/4 sleeves slub knit shirt with a cut out detail in back by 'Pure and Good' (likely from Anthropologie).  The statement necklace is new, also from Plum.

Still to go on my Fall "wish list" is a brown leather jacket, a pair of army green skinny jeans and a casual military style hat (similar to this) so I don't have to do my hair :)  The hunt continues...


Leighdleblog said...

Think you could wear a size small (men's?) hat? I have one just like that in army green...was going to let Gabe grow into it, but that could still be a couple of years! I'll send it back with my mom if you want...LOVE your finds!

Jeff and Emily said...

Super cute finds! I will need to check that consignment shop out when I'm not pregnant. You're a great shopper!