4161 Progress

And progress we are-a-making.

We are unofficially / officially ahead of "schedule" (muy importante for a house flip / second mortgage) thus far and things look promising to put the house on the market by March 1st or before.  That is, if we decide to sell the flip rather than move in.  It's been our toughest decision to date.

Here a few "during" photos (for reference, check out "before" photos here):

All walls are getting skim coated (removing harsh texture), sanded (to make for a smooth finish) and primed (for painting). 

A closer example of skim coating.

New doors have been installed and are now being finalized with casing (trim around doors).

Upstairs bathroom has been fitted for new plumbing and framed out (to hide piping).

Kitchen pass through has been knocked out and electrical wires have been run for kitchen lights, garbage disposal and hallway lights.

New front windows are replacing old windows (see right) and will be dry walled and framed.
Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors will begin next week.

Kitchen sink plumbing is complete and ready to sink and cabinet fixtures.  Clearly, skim coating needs to occur in here first.

Closet has been added to upstairs room to make it an official "three bedroom" house.

Basement is getting framed out for insulation and new drywall.

Here you are looking inside the new bathroom downstairs from the hallway.  Chris did this framing himself.  Sexy.

Kitchen cabinetry has arrived!  Installation will be one of the last pieces.

The garage has become a mini Home Depot warehouse with insulation, cabinets, paint, trim, etc. etc.  We are bursting at the seams!

Impressed by my terminology?  Same.

Just call me Heidi from Home Improvement's "Tool Time".  JTT anyone?!

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