Choosing Battles

You know that annoying phrase that comes out of every parent's mouth: "We choose our battles"?

I get it now.  Even live by it now.

In my previous life (when was that exactly?) I thought this phrase lacked backbone and was total cheese.  I would nod looking at their snotty nosed, screaming in the aisle, mismatched, raggedy hair three-year old and think to myself, "Well if that's the case, then I will pick (and win) every battle if it means that my child will be spared the look and/or actions made of trailer parks thankyouverymuch."

Err...nice try self.

Logan is like any other full fledged pre-schooler: she has (several) opinions, makes them known and she ain't backing down.  So yes, we totally pick our battles around here.  And as of late?  I don't pick very many.

For instance:

Logan in-sists on choosing her outfits.  Ugh.  I sincerely hate this one.  She has so many cute clothes yet somehow the things she pairs together are total disasters.  Striped neon pants with a jewel toned floral dress?  Or her BLACK pants with her NAVY dress (the horror)?  Or my favorite: her princess tutu.  On top of her clothes.  In public.

Nevertheless, it's something I've had to swallow my pride and say a big "whatevs" to for our sanity in the morning.  And judging from what I wore in middle school and high school, I assume it won't be until college (?) that she starts dressing "cute" again...

Next up?  Sugared cereals.  Dammit.  I am that mom.  Currently we have Fruity Pebbles and Fruit Loops on the shelf.  Although I had every intention of low sugar, high fiber, and whole wheat breakfasts, if Toucan Sam is the only thing that will get us through the grocery store with ease, then so be it.

And?  Stickers on the car window.  You've seen it.  A car pulls up next to you with a mom in the front and a back window filled with stickers and you feel sorry for her.  I mean, it's trashy, right?  You wonder why in God's name the parents would let their child fill their car windows with gunk and more importantly, why they have not been taken off yet.  Yep.  Super mortified by the Easter stickers adorning our rear windows at the moment. What's worse?  I gave them to Logan with free will and suggested that she decorate something during a recent car trip across town.  Whoops.

What else.  Ah yes, watching tv.  "Half hour max in this household!" are days of the past.  After all, what else do you do with your kids from 3-5 when they won't nap and you are losing your mind?

I could go on but you get the point.

Parenting is hands down one of the most humbling experiences.  It's good in that way.  Judgement is so low on my radar these days and the admiration I have for others (specifically parents) is so much greater.

So if you are me (pre-kids), kindly give us a break.  Dirty faced, mismatched socks, shoes on the wrong feet, wearing the faded jacket that you swore you threw out, eating Pirates Booty at 8 in the morning kids and all.

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Kara said...

Tiff this made me almost cry I was laughing so hard....oh the mis-matched outfits. I cringe. But, I too, surrender. Too funny. I think you wrote for all moms here. I know stickers, TV and sugary cereal are all in our future. This is spot on. xo