Uh Oh

I'd like to interrupt some serious March Madness 

(holy hell, selling a house is hard work whilst trying to maintain some sort of sanity with two small children especially when redoing your wood floors cause's you to live with your in laws for a week only to have your contractor no show on his last day leaving your said floors feeling like sand paper and worse off than when you started...but I digress)

for some serious cuteness brought to you by the newly 1-year old West 

(who by the grace of God actually had a fairly successful (?!) first birthday party despite the house being in shambles and being totally side tracked by all things sell/move/flip/landscape/paint/hardware/toomanydecisions! related and just missed the 'Mom forgets to acknowledge second child's first birthday' headline in the news...again, digressing)

On to cuteness (and let's just pretend that there are fruits and/or veggies on the tray, okay?  Okay.) :

Oh man, do I love him.  :)

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