March Madness

Forget NCAA brackets.

My own madness is about to ensue and it's safe to say that this blog will be taken to a whole new level of neglect.  But.  But!  For good reason(s).

Check out what's on the horizon for March:

Weston turns ONE on Thursday.  Ugh.  Ahh.  Waaah.  Yay?!  I'm crying big fat mama tears that our sweet boy is no longer a baby, but luh-hove all of the things he is learning right now.  His discoveries in the past two weeks have been downright crazy to me including his need to point at every and any given object so that I will name it for him.  Although he does not repeat much ('Mama' and 'Hot' have been noted as his first words), he points with fury all day long.  His favorite wonders seem to be plants and flowers at the moment.  Future horticulturist perhaps?  Not to mention he is so dang cute.  It's hard to believe it's been a year since writing these words.

To celebrate such milestone, we will celebrate on Sunday with balloons and cake fit for a one year old.  My head hurts plenty with the amount of decisions we have been making as of late, so I have spared myself any Pinterest or Etsy torture for this gathering.  Rather, a few understated ideas have been floating around which (I hope) will make for a perfectly fine 1st Birthday Party.  That's what I'm telling myself anyways.  #westonsbirthdaypartyisonsundayandihavenotdoneonesinglethingbesidessendinvitaitons

A week after that, we will be putting our current house on the market (meanwhile prepping for such move including new floors, serious organizing, spring cleaning and de-cluttering) so that we can move...

Across the street.  

The duplex still needs some final touches and we will be working hard in the upcoming weeks (days?) to finish it all up so that it's move-in ready.

Logan for one, can't wait for the move and is most excited about having her own room.  Apparently she's over sharing a room (or anything for that matter) with her little bro.  She's also over her bed.  As of about a month ago, she has insisted that her "arms growed too big" for her toddler bed and she has literally been camped out on a sleeping bag on the floor of their room ever since.  She has been patiently (unless it's 4 am when she is also over sleeping on the floor and wants to crawl in bed with us) awaiting her new big girl bed at the new house. 

Anyhow, mix in a job, throw in MOPS leadership and sprinkle Logan's carnival committee meetings (which I am kicking myself for volunteering to be a co-chair of) and I predict that the month ahead will be more than a little nuts.

Kind of like this girl (who insists on having the lights off when she performs, naturally):


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Amanda Schaumburger said...

Oh my, the 'long arms' thing is still going on? ;) She cracks me up...so funny!