New Additions

I was super excited to return home yesterday, because I knew I had a couple things waiting for me that I had ordered online.

The most noteworthy being our new living room rug.  While attempting to potty train Logan, I had removed the rugs from our upstairs and in doing so realized just how bad our living room rug had gotten (so bad apparently that I can't even give the dang thing away on Craigslist).  I could not with a good conscious put it back.  I ended up finding this rug online at World Market and it fit within my $75 budget (which is hard to do for area rugs).  After reading reviews, I settled on the reclaimed leather and jute rug and am thrilled with it!  It's very unique looking and the woven leather makes it more inviting than a typical jute rug.  I think it would look especially striking on dark hardwood floors...

Chris' Father's Day Canvas also came.  Again, thrilled.  I used Chic Canvas for the first time and the quality is better than Shutterfly my opinion and cost about $10 less.  Excuse the grainy camera phone images.

Finally, while looking for a housewarming gift for Chris' parents, I stumbled across this basket at Arhaus and had to get one of my own.  I have trouble with the centerpiece for our dining room table as I like something that can easily be moved when we eat, do crafts, etc. but also is large enough to make a statement because the table is the first thing you see when you walk in our house.  At $30, I think this will fit the bill!  In the store they had it displayed at the edge of a bed with rolled blankets which I thought would be a great idea for a guest room in addition to towels, soap and other guest amenities... 

Speaking of Arhaus - I've decided it's my home version of Anthropologie.  Dangerous, and sometimes over the top, but oh so fun.  Have you been?!

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Kara Lindsey Katen said...

I LOVE that basket!!! And that is a steal for a centerpiece that you can change for every holiday, etc. Very, very cute!!! I love the rug and pic too!! Your house is so awesome!!!