With a forecasted 75 degrees today, I couldn't help but post these happy photos.  If for no other reason than I am willing a new attitude for myself, as I have been feeling less than these days.

And by that I should clarify that I am not so much feeling unhappy as I am unsettled.  Which I suppose is one in the same for me.

Basically, showing your house (while having small children) is the pits.  No offers?  Sucks.  New furniture and decor layout for new house on permanent hold until such offer happens?  Bummer.  Scheduled carpel tunnel release surgery (FINALLY) for May 1st?  Have to - but talk about bad, bad timing.  Not knowing when we will ever be settled again?  Really blows.

Whoops.  There I go again....

I am hopeful.  I am thankful.  I am patient.  Ugh.


I told you she likes dressing herself.  Although, admittedly, she's looking pretty chic here ;)

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